About Closeouts

OMBE: Closeout Corner

What are Closeouts?

Surplus inventory, end of life products, returns and overstocks. These items are usually limited in quantity.

Getting A Product Into The Closeout Corner

This is done through the use of our EZLinkTM tool. Let us know if you have a separate list or if you have a standard designation in your regular inventory that marks an item as a 'Closeout' item. Then each time EZLinkTM runs, your closeout items will be included in the Closeout Corner.

If you want to manually create your ad for the Closeout Corner, just be sure to use the word "Closeout" in your product description. Ombe.com will look for these items and include them in the Closeout Corner.

Items marked as Closeout will also be found in the normal category listings, storefront listings and any other pages where your items would be found as well as the Closeout Corner area. Items will have a Closeout Icon icon attached to clearly identify your closeout products.

Marking An Item 'Sold'

When you sell out of a closeout item you should mark it as 'Sold' on Ombe.com. There are several ways to can perform this action:

1. This is easily done by logging into Ombe.com, going to the Closeout Corner and clicking on the "Mark SOLD" link under the appropriate product photo/title:

OMBE Closeout Corner with highlighted MARK SOLD link

2. OR, you can login to Ombe.com, find your product and click to open the full view of the item. On this page you will also have a 'Mark SOLD' link on the right side of the page. It will also toggle to display 'Mark Unsold ' in case you need to remove the sold designation.

OMBE Listing with highlighted MARK SOLD link

3. OR, you may also go to your control panel, click 'My Active Ads' in the left menu. This allows you to view and search all of your active listings. Once you find the ad or ads, you can click the unsold button icon to mark an item as sold or the sold button icon to remove the sold designation. In fact, this is a good way to mark ANY product as 'sold' if you need to, even if it is not a closeout item.

OMBE Listing with highlighted MARK SOLD link